E-Waste Removal

E-Waste Removal

The need to recycle e-waste is growing in today’s technological world. 

Sustainable office solutions offer the following e-waste services:

  • E-Waste 660lt bin hire
  • Computer Monitor, Television, and speaker recycling through the Sustainable Earth Program.
  • Recycling of wiring 
  • Sorting of general e-waste for collection from a reputable recycling facility. 
  • Disconnection of computer equipment e.g. monitors & hard drives. 

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Thanks so much to the crew at Sustainable Office Solutions for the fast, efficient service we received. I ordered an office full of workstations and a few other bits and pieces, and even though they have to navigate a few issues on the day, they got all the work done really quickly and it looked great.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to other friends and colleagues. 

Belinda Sprules - Lochard Energy

Lochard Energy