E-Waste Removal

E-Waste Removal

As the demand for recycling e-waste escalates in our modern technological landscape, Clean & Gone Solutions steps in to address this pressing need.

Our E-Waste Services Encompass:

  • E-Waste 660-liter bin rental for convenient disposal.
  • Recycling of computer monitors, televisions, and speakers through the Earth Program.
  • Responsible recycling of wiring materials.
  • Sorting of general e-waste for pickup from accredited recycling facilities.
  • Professional disconnection of computer equipment such as monitors and hard drives.

Count on Clean & Gone Solutions to provide efficient and eco-conscious solutions for managing your e-waste, contributing to a sustainable future in the digital age.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

We are a non-for profit Kindergarten and rely on support from our community and the extension of it. After speaking to Ralf about what we need he was able to suggest some fantastic ergonomic chairs for our office as our current ones were in a state of disrepair. After asking for a quote we were informed that Sustainable Office Furniture was happy to donate. He was able to deliver them directly to the kindergarten later that same day. 

We are very grateful for your support and we would like to thank Sustainable Office Solutions and their team member Ralf, for their high-quality service and professionalism. 

Ilana Benjamin - St Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarden

St Kilda & Balaclava Kindergarden