Waste Disposal & Waste Reporting

Waste Disposal & Waste Reporting

We are a sustainable company with a sustainable vision, working alongside Clean & Gone Demolition we strive to stop quality goods from going into landfill. 

A key part of the process is reporting the disposal results of a consignment of office furniture. Sustainable Office Solutions will gladly provide Environmental Reports to show how your company is doing its bit for the environment. 

After all, if we do not take responsibility, who will? Remember to Recycle!

  • We identified early that there are clients who want office strip out waste recycled or re-used. Sending bulk waste to landfill is no longer an option. 
  • We can manage your furniture, loose items, strip out waste, and construction waste as one project. We can provide proof of amounts recycled and the amount sent to our furniture store in Sunshine West.
  • If your clients want to know what you are doing about waste diversion let us help you provide an answer. 
  • We have completed a number of contractual waste recycling targets; including reports for Brookfield in the IBM tower.  
  • We have a large facility and can manage your project's waste with full reporting and compliance.  
  • If you need honest waste diversion reports, we can help. We care about the environment, not ticking boxes.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

We have been using Sustainable Office Solutions for the past 18 months. During this time, we have furnished 8 different offices.
Our experience has been very positive from the sales process through to installation.
All the team have a can-do attitude and they have always delivered what they said they would, Isaac the General Manager has been especially good to work with and very responsive to every request.

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Everyday Independence