Overview & Capability

Overview & Capability

When it comes to office furniture removals, Sustainable Office Solutions have a history of 5 star reviews from many returning clients including JLL, Unisuper & CarSales.com.au. We specialise in Melbourne CBD projects and have worked in many of the high rise complexes in the area. 

We can provide small to large removal trucks and vans for any project and we have the ability to move any and all goods.
All of our projects are planned and executed with respect to the surrounding properties & people and we have maintained client relationships by maintaining consistent standards.

We can plan with you and your client for a safe efficient well-planned project.

  • We have access to over 50 trained staff in office removals.
  • We have all the equipment to remove furniture in all environments.
  • We have access to over 10 trucks ranging in size from small hard access to large heavy rigid removal trucks.
  • We have access to a large waste removal truck for loading 660 bins fast, which limits taking valuable loading dock space.  
  • Under our partnership with Clean & Gone Demolition, we regularly complete multi-floor projects and we can manage any load-out situations.  
  • No matter what the size or the access we can guarantee high standards and meet programs. 
  • We can manage removals 24 hours a day to suit all environments.
  • Consignment Selling Available.
  • Recycling Reports.
  • On-Site Consultation & Expert Advice and Co-ordination.

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What Our Clients Have to Say

Sustainable Office Solutions have supplied us with quality tables, chairs, carpet and cabinetry to fit out our growing business.
This has been key to our business having a uniform and professional environment and attracting professional staff.
We are looking forward to using Sustainable office Solutions again when we move to our new premises next year!

Brendan Roney - Advantage Feeders

Advantage Feeders